Graphic Novel Recommendations for a 10 year old

My 10 year old nephew’s birthday has come and gone and I still owe him a birthday present. Rather than add further to his collection of video games, I thought about a buying him a graphic novel but didn’t know where to start.

So I took to twitter. I got lots of good suggestions and was going to Storify them but I couldn’t work out an easy way to transfer the twitter conversation into Storify. Then, having transferred most of the tweets manually, I somehow lost the edit and didn’t have the will to start over. So here, with minimal attribution alas, are the titles that people suggested. 


Asterix (topical, since there is a brand new book out this week)

Maus (by Art Spiegelman)

Margaret Hung pointed me to a long list.

Calvin & Hobbes

Luke Pearson’s Hilda books


Axe Cop


Watchmen (I had my doubts about that one — a bit unrelentingly grim)

Ultimate Spider-man,  Ultimate X-men & Ultimate Marvel generally

The Rainbow Orchid series

Wimpy Kid

My thanks to all who responded. You may be able to see the conversation on twitter by following this link




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