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Plan B: Inbox Zero

This is something that I have considered from time to time but never quite got around to it: getting control of email. My inbox has bloated to 27,589 messages (even after deleting pretty much everything before 2008) so I am thinking once again of getting a grip.

The present move was triggered by a tweet last week from Kate Clancy:

who seems to have wrestled her email to the ground and kindly revealed her secret: Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero web-site. I’ve watched the video and read the accompanying articles listed there and am gearing up to act. I swear I am. I’m posting this here so that I remember what I committed to and will know where to go should my resolve falter.

Wish me luck.


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A commonplace blog

This is an old idea in a modern form. Since the 15th Century the commonplace book has acted a scrapbook of ideas — a place where the noteworthy can be noted.

These notes were mostly, I suppose, for personal consumption but such selfishness is out of tune with the 21st Century mania for sharing, which is itself a source of much that is noteworthy. My only problem is that the accelerating stream of blogs and tweets is too fast for my mind and memory to keep up. So I hope to capture and remember the brighter points of interest here — in very brief posts for the most part. The motivation may be primarily self-serving but, since it is easy to make my notes in a public way, I am happy to share.

This blog actually started out on Posterous a couple of years ago as a place to do quick posts about photos or items that would not fit on my science blogs at Occam’s Typewriter or Occam’s Corner. But the imminent closure of Posterous has precipitated a mutation — this is evolution in action. I hope it might be interesting.

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